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Crazy Town

Have you ever been to CrazyTown because I visited recently for a quick visit and I forgot just how CRAZY it is.

What I’m talking about is that place when I start questioning and overthinking while I’m processing information. When I let myself slide down the rabbithole of future scenarios and what ifs. I used to be a frequent visitor and probably have a ton of miles but it hasn’t been my default setting in a while.

Today, thank goodness I had therapy and in the midst of my spiraling I realized how incredible it was to be able to process all of this with Suzy, my psychotherapist extraordinaire. Immediately, I realized how grateful I am to be in therapy.

After 50 minutes and some big reveals I started to think what if I had taken this trip let’s say tomorrow and I would be 6 days shy from dealing with this in the most productive fashion. What resources could I or would I use then?

First of all, I have some really amazing people in my life that I am blessed to call friends. Since the death of my mom almost 2 years ago, I have worked hard at being a good friend. It has been one of the silver linings since her passing. I could and probably would have phoned a friend because at least now I had the awareness that I had gone to that insane asylum in my brain, and I had the knowledge that hashing this out with someone who loves me and only wants good for me is some powerful medicine.

Also!! Hello, yoga/meditation/breathwork teacher?? Anyone? Anyone?

I could freaking meditate as soon as I became aware of my thoughts. I didn’t this time but I hope meditation will be my go to the next time I find myself headed there. Sitting in stillness and quieting down my mind… following my breath .. and finding some space and perspective. That is what I needed to give myself.

What are your go to’s when you find yourself headed down that road? If we share our resources we can heal together.

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