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The Honest Yogi, yoga classes, retreats, workshops Long Island New York Port Washington


TOTAL MIND & BODY Transformation

Teaching tools and disciplines to get out of autopilot and start living a very real, awake and fulfilling life.



Local or at a destination, The Honest Yogi retreats offer a series of activities from meditation, yoga, outdoor activities and collective discussion around focused themes. Encouraging us to us to connect and feel and learn more about ourselves and each other . Get back into nature, your body and find out how yoga philosophy can help us show up in our lives with more presence and meaning. Our retreats are about wellbeing, wellness and always laughter but tears are welcome too. Chef Billy keeps us nourished with the most delicious and nutritious food you can imagine. His culinary skills and mindset about food and eating are a significant aspect of our retreats.



Check the current schedule for classes at Equinox and Commune in Port Washington, as well as classes on Zoom and Instagram. Available for private bookings or group classes.


60 min dynamic class includes meditation, pranayama, and vinyasa flow.. Expect a great playlist to raise your vibration.



60 min contemplative and meditative class includes holding poses for longer lengths of time to lengthen connective tissue and facilitate the opening blockages. 


30-60 min meditation class to improve focus and awareness. This class will help teach tools to stimulate your at-home meditation practice.



Our next 2 workshops are about observing our habits and making the necessary changes to create sustainable ones and break bad habits. Take either workshop or purchase both for a significant savings and a lot more knowledge and understanding. The evening will unfold organically into three parts...movement (yoga and breath-work) followed by a communal dinner, hopefully al fresco. Once again, Chef Billy will be preparing a seasonally inspired meal that will titilate your tastebuds and leave all of your senses satisfied. With our bellies full we will move onto the discussion of our habits and how we can use our awareness of them as a jumping off point to create new ones and release the ones that no longer serve us.

Offering workshops on the many different pillars to help you experience and feel more meaning and happiness in your life. We focus on everything from breathing, yoga and meditation to journaling, growth tips and gratitude.

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