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The Honest Yogi, yoga classes, retreats, workshops Long Island New York Port Washington


TOTAL MIND & BODY Transformation

Teaching tools and disciplines to get out of autopilot and start living a very real, awake and fulfilling life.

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Local or at a destination, The Honest Yogi retreats offer a series of activities from meditation, yoga, outdoor activities, connecting back to fun. Get back into nature, your body and find your inner child again. Our retreats are about wellbeing and wellness. We include good healthy food, drinks and libations to keep you hydrated and energetic throughout.



Check the current schedule for classes at Equinox and Commune in Port Washington, as well as classes on Zoom and Instagram. Available for private bookings or small group classes.


60 min dynamic class includes meditation, pranayama, and vinyasa flow.. Expect a great playlist to raise your vibration.



60 min contemplative and meditative class includes holding poses for longer lengths of time to lengthen connective tissue and facilitate the opening blockages. 


30-60 min meditation class to improve focus and awareness. This class will help teach tools to stimulate your at-home meditation practice.



Grow your Grit - Dive into daily practices that will help develop your grit. Consistent practices to connect you to your passion and what most excites you about life. Through movements that challenge and meditations that inspire we can experience our true resilience and understand that perseverance not only enables us to survive but thrive. - Consistent daily practice in courage, mindset, resilience and passion.

From Grief to Gratitude - journaling, breath work, open dialogue, movement, meditation.

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