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HI, I'M Sam!

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After realizing I was in charge of creating my own happiness and maintaining it as well, I stepped out of my darkness and into my light and once you do that there is no going back.


Practicing and teaching yoga for many years has enabled me to curate a toolbox for wellbeing. The thing about toolboxes is they have to be opened for the tools to be useful.  I began to cultivate a daily practice that incorporated my studies from yoga philosophy and movement to positive psychology, stoic philosophy and mindful meditations and then I mixed them up with journal prompts and breath work and all of a sudden at the age of 50…. I realized I could be and was living a much more meaningful and joyous life! It’s consistent work and it is simple but we know simple does not always mean easy. 

I’ve developed workshops and classes to make this transformation from empty to full as easy and digestible as possible. You need only the mind of a beginner and the heart of an explorer to get started. Come join me on this journey to a more fulfilled, awakened, joyful life! Let’s fill up your toolbox and start building the foundation for the life you were born to live.

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WHY AM I The Honest Yogi

When you have lived for half a century you gain a lot of perspective. At the age of 27, I lived on the lower east side of Manhattan, NY. I was a semi badass fashion stylist, who had up until this point lived in about 5 or 6 different apartments around the city. Think wherever you go there you are. I had also been binge eating in silence, solitude and shame for about a decade.


One warm, sunny day I walked into the local tattoo shop and I chose the Chinese character for Honesty without much thought or fanfare. Honesty?? Really?? I had felt like such an imposter even at this very young age. I believe I got Honesty inked on my back so that one day I would be that person living her TRUTH. I am not only living in my truth but I am celebrating each day by choosing happiness, and by consistently practicing all the things… learning, unlearning, writing, reading, listening, meditating, moving, connecting, dancing, communicating, and loving. 

It has taken years of practicing and teaching yoga and meditation to get me to this place where I stand right now. It is here that I want to help anyone live a happier and more awakened life. No one should suffer in silence, solitude or shame.---- I am here to help alleviate some of the pain we often mask to the outside world because it seems less painful than sharing our story.

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"Mind of a beginner. Heart of an explorer."


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